This week Adobe® updated the Creative Cloud to include new Creative Profiles! This is a big update and allows for even more customized looks to be created in Lightroom. The update adds a new section to the top of the Basic panel—the “Profile Browser”—where you can preview all of your imported creative profiles. Watch the video above to see what these new profiles look like and also learn how to import any profiles that you download.

If you would like to download a free preset pack to try out this new feature, please use the form below. And, if you’re interested in download even more presets, Brian Matiash has some on his website as well; click here to access his free Nature Tones preset pack.

Download the Nicolesy Contempo Creative Profile presets:

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Click Here for Preset Installation Instructions

Nicolesy Contempo example images:

View the before and after previews of the Contempo presets:

Nicolesy Contempo 01: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 01: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 02: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 02: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 03: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 03: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 04: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 04: Matte

Nicolesy Contempo 05: Contrast

Nicolesy Contempo 05: Matte