Please enjoy this free hand-made vintage paper texture overlay! I’ve also included instructions on how to apply this texture using Photoshop, ON1 Photo RAW, and Luminar.

Plus, if you like what you see, I have a brand-new Vintage Paper overlay pack with 50 texture files, 10 LUT files, and presets for Luminar and ON1 Photo RAW.

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Photoshop Instructions:

First, open a photo you want to work on in Photoshop.

Next, go to File > Place Embedded and navigate to the vintage paper overlay file you just downloaded. This will add the overlay file as a Smart Object.

Then, resize the texture to fit your canvas and click on the check box at the top to commit the transformation.

There are a few different ways you can blend the

Option 1 — Reduce the opacity: This will blend the overlay with the image and make it appear as if it is a faded image on the paper.

Option 2 — Change the Blending mode: Some options that work well are Multiply, Overlay, and Hard Light. Experiment with your photo to see which combination works best.

Luminar 2018 Instructions:

First, open a photo you want to work on in Luminar.

Next, in the Filters panel, click on the Add Filters button and choose the Texture Overlay filter to add it to the Filters panel.

Next, click on the “Load Texture” button and navigate to your texture download file. After the texture is applied you can play with the settings to achieve the look you desire.

ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Instructions:

First, open ON1 Photo RAW (Browse module) and go to File > Manage Extras. This will open the Extras Manager where you can import textures and other files.

Next, select on the Texture item in the list and click on the Import button on the bottom.

Navigate to your texture download and click Open. Then, select the category where you want to import the texture, or, create a new one:

The file will now be added to your Textures list.

Now, open an image into ON1 Effect and add the Textures filter. Use the Category drop-down and Texture selector to locate your newly-added texture file. Play with your settings until you get a good texture blend with your image.

Vintage Paper Overlays

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Give your images an old-fashioned, vintage look with these hand-made paper textures, plus presets for ON1 Photo, Luminar, and Photoshop. These are realphotographs of paper (not created digitally), and work well with a wide variety of images.

Included in your purchase are 50 hand-made paper texture overlays in JPEG format. Also includes ON1 Photo RAW and Luminar installation files to easily import the textures and presets, as well as LUT files with vintage presets and stylizations. You will also receive video instructions on how to install and apply these overlays to your images.


  • 50 JPEG file textures (6000px by 4000px)
  • 60 ON1 Photo RAW Presets (50 texture overlays plus 10 Vintage presets)
  • 60 Luminar Presets (50 texture overlays plus 10 LUT presets)
  • 10 LUT files (can be used in Photoshop, Luminar, and many more programs)
  • Video tutorials specific on installing and using these overlays