In this article I review an accessory called the Tamrac Goblin Lens Pouch. These have been around for a few years, but I only recently discovered them at PPE and knew they would make a good fit with my photography gear.

About the Tamrac Goblin Lens Pouch

The Goblin line of accessory bags have a ripstop nylon exterior, an additional lining on the inside (with softer material), a lightly padded bottom, and a drawstring enclosure. This particular size (the 1.0 version) holds a small, compact lens, such as the FUJINON 23mm, 56mm or smaller. On their website they have a “What Fits” section in the product description to give you an idea of the size lens or camera body that will fit into the bag.

Why I like this item

For the majority of cameras, the inside of our bags are black, or dark gray. These pouches are brightly colored, making them easy to find, and they come in many different sizes. I currently have two of the Tamrac Goblin Lens Pouch 1.0 size which is good for a small compact lens, and plan on adding more to hold my larger and bulkier lenses. They also have pouches designed for camera bodies, as well as accessory bags, which are great for carrying around a second camera body or a compact camera (such as a point-and-shoot or a small fixed-lens system such as the FUJIFILM X-100 camera series), as well as miscellaneous items and things that might end up “floating around” in your camera bag.

How do I use them?

I originally purchased these so that I could put a small lens inside of the pouch and then toss it into my purse when I didn’t want to carry a camera bag. That method works really well, but I have also found that they are useful in my camera bag as both extra protection for lenses, and also to hold small accessories. I use the F-Stop Kashmir bag which is lacking in small storage space (no small zippered pouches for things like lens wipes and cable releases) so these have been essential to that setup. They make great all-around carrying pouches as well.

Where can I get one?

You can find Tarmac Goblin Lens Pouches on Amazon and B&H Photo.