Just a few weeks ago I was diving with giant manta rays, sharks, and even a few dolphins and schools of fish. It was an incredible experience, and after this diving trip I am seriously ruined for diving. The seas were clear, blue, and the life in the ocean was amazing. It was only my second diving trip after getting scuba certified, and I’m already planning my trip back on this boat to do it all over again later next year.

I’m still very new to diving, and it’s interesting how many comments I have received from other divers, something along the lines of it being impressive that I am already diving with such a large camera setup. For me, I guess there is just no other way. Holding a camera in my hands, regardless of where I am, feels natural. With that said, I am a very safe and conservative diver and would never do anything that was outside of my limits (which were definitely tested on this trip!).

Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from this trip, as well as a video showing what it was like to dive with these beautiful creatures. I had a lot of fun playing with the light beams, and a few times the mantas followed me to the surface … enjoy!

The Photos:

The Video:

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