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Watermelon Fruit Salad: Behind the Scenes

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It’s been one-and-a-half weeks since the movers hauled our stuff into our new home, and we are about 90% moved in. Unpacking my office is usually one of my top priorities (after the kitchen), but I will be having shelves added to my walls within the next month or so and need to wait for the space before I unpack my dishes and miscellaneous camera gear. So, I basically have a bunch of unpacked boxes sitting in the closet, which is driving me just a little bit crazy. :) My ceramics studio is still a work-in-progress, and it will be several weeks before the workers can come in and start making it beautiful. So, for the most part, I have been sitting at my computer all day long.

However, it’s difficult for me to just sit around and do everything on my computer. I enjoy making things with my hands, whether it’s cooking or playing with clay, and so I knew that it was time for me to get back to the work I love! I have some of my newer ceramic dishes unpacked, and was able to dig up a few of the other props needed for a food shoot. So I picked up a few things from the market and made it happen! The dish is relatively simple. It’s a mixture of watermelon, blueberries, kumquats, and goat cheese, garnished with some lime zest and a sprig of mint in the background. And, it was quite refreshing. :)


These are a few behind-the-scenes shots my setup, and my gear list is below.

Gear used:

About the Author:

My name is Nicole and I’m a photographer, author, & educator living in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. When I’m not making photos I’m writing books and tutorials for my online store, Learn more about me and my story here.


  1. Elizabeth Gelineau May 14, 2014 at 9:00 am - Reply

    Nicole, I love your behind the scenes shares! Now I’m craving fruit salad! The dish and placemat are beautiful, as is the photograph! :) Thanks for detailing you gear list as well. Very helpful!

  2. battoot June 21, 2015 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    i’m so excited to use the 100mm. I ordered it and it will be here within few hours! the picture looks so amazing ??

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