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One of our first stops after flying into Tasmania was lunch at the Stillwater Café and Restaurant in Launceston. Talk about a great start to our trip! We spent the previous day in Sydney, which was our first day in Australia, but were exhausted and overwhelmed with travel so didn’t get a chance to have a relaxing day of adventure. So the Stillwater was a nice place to start our food-and-wine experience of Australia off properly.

When we got to the restaurant we were greeted by owner Kim Seagram, and sat at an nice table with white linen in a well-lit and diffused part of the restaurant (the photographer in me was so happy!). Then we all shared a glass of champagne and chatted briefly about the restaurant and location. We also went to the back to the bustling kitchen and briefly met the head chef, who was prepping for service. The overall atmosphere of the place was very pleasant, bright but cozy, and had a nice earthy feel with a lot of wood tones throughout. If I lived in the area I could see myself frequenting this place for lunch regularly, and I know that I will definitely be dining here the next time I visit Tasmania.

For lunch, we were treated to a 6-course tasting menu, along with paired wines and a few palate cleansers. And then, when the food started coming, it was not only delicious but absolutely beautiful! Again, as a food photographer, I was just in heaven. I photographed each course as they came out (very quickly, I might add, since the food was so good and I just wanted to eat it!) and even got a few “wine pour” images in the mix, too. (Hint: You can click on one photo and then use the arrows on your keyboard to see all of the photos easily).

Stillwater set the stage for what we were to experience during the entirety of our trip. I seriously had no idea that Australia had such amazing food! Throughout the rest of our travels we were treated to so many more flavors and beverages, we definitely dined in style. Stay tuned to the blog for more photos and post from my time spent in Australia.

My trip to Australia was courtesy of Tourism Australia, Tourism Tasmania, Tourism South Australia and Tourism Victoria. While it was a business trip and the accommodations, travel expenses and dining experiences were paid for, any and all of my posts, photographs and opinions you see here on this site, as well as across the Internet and social media sites, are all authentic, genuine and straight from my heart.

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