Left: Golden raspberries, as is with nothing added. Right: I sprayed some water on the berries to make them glisten.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make or break the shot, yet it’s also one of those things that’s so easy to forget. Whenever I photograph fruit, veggies, or anything fresh I try to add a squirt of water to the food with a water bottle (set to a fine mist). That little bit can make a subtle difference (like it did with these raspberries) but it can add a lot of life and to your images. It also gives light a place to wrap around, which will equal more texture and sparkles.

And … this tip doesn’t just go for food! Plants, flowers, trees, spiderwebs, and even concrete glisten with water. Even people look good when they glisten (but you might want to first ask permission before spraying them down).

My favorite water to use for this is this is Evian Facial water spray. It sprays in a nice, fine mist that adds more realistic water drops to food.