The image on the LEFT is photographed with my iPhone 4 using Instagram, and the image on the RIGHT was photographed with my Canon 5DMarkIII and 50mm f/1.4 lens (1/250 sec at f/5.6, ISO 400)

This week I did a quick “rib” food photo-shoot. After I was done photographing the food with my “typical” setup and style, I had dinner (the ribs) and then set the plate aside. I thought that the gnarly ribs looked pretty neat all piled on the plate, so I moved a few around and then snapped a pic with Instagram to share.

I then proceeeded to import my images into Lightroom to start the editing process, and at some point I happened to look over at the image on Instagram. I quickly realized that of all of the images I photographed with my Canon 5DMarkIII, the Instagram photo was my favorite. So I put the CF card back in my camera, stuck a 50mm lens on and did some overhead photos of the exact same setup.

Just goes to prove that a $3,500 camera got trumped by a free app with a $200 phone :) Granted, the technical quality is probably far greater on the image photographed with my Canon, but I never would have made the shot if I hadn’t seen it in a different way. I think I just might have to use this technique more often.