One thing that always gets me revved about photography and excited to create photographs is reading about light. Light its, after all, the only reason that photography exists. I’ve been wanting to shoot some food photographs that have a lot of glass-work in them, or just with interesting lighting setups, so I decided to dust off my copy of Light, Science & Magic (here’s the Amazon link to the book)and check out the chapter on lighting glass. (This book, BTW, is THE BEST resource for photographic lighting … they cover everything, all from a very scientific perspective.) While reading through the intro something caught my attention and I felt was worth a mention here (bold-face type added by me for emphasis):

Successful photographers depend on the photographer more than the equipment. Inexperienced photographers work best with the camera with which they are familiar. Experienced photographers work best with the camera they like. These human factors sometimes have more to do with the success of a photograph than the purely technical principles.

You hear it all the time, that it’s not about gear as much as it’s about vision, or skill, or maybe even just a bit of planning. But those words above summed it up so much better than I’ve ever seen. It’s a no-brainer, really—if you are in love with the camera you are using then you will be more passionate about your work and you will make better photographs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new Canon 1DX, a Nikon D4, a FUJIFILM X100 or an old Polaroid. Use what you enjoy working with, or what you’re most familiar with, and you’ll find you have better success with your photographs.