I discovered CanvasPop earlier this year. I wanted to start printing my photos, and I liked what I was seeing online  (on their website and through other recommendations) so I wanted to try it out. I also like having my photos on canvas … it looks a bit more elegant, and there’s no shiny glass to add glare to the photo. Plus, canvas prints tend to be very lightweight, and since I’m almost always in a rental apartment I’m cautious of how many holes I poke into the walls.

So, I went to CanvasPop.com and ordered a print. Then, I ordered another … and another. And my latest print is a beautiful three-panel (triptych) of one of my newest favorite photographs above my bed. It’s absolutely stunning, and it makes me wish I had more wall-space to fill in my tiny apartment where I could display more canvas prints.

The things I love about CanvasPop:

  • First, the print quality is gorgeous. It’s bright, vibrant and pretty true to what I see on my monitor. I usually submit my images at 300dpi and sRGB for my color profile, and they print beautifully. (I also calibrate my monitor regularly—I use a Spyder 3—which I would recommend to any photographer in general.)
  • I LOVE the frame options. You can have your image set into a nice wooden frame (black, white or a gorgeous espresso-brown color) and it adds a very nice touch to the image. I like this because it adds an extra “professional” feel to the canvas, but another thing that is great about it is that it doesn’t wrap the photo around before it’s framed, so you don’t lose any of the edge of the print like you normally do when you have a photo gallery-wrapped.
  • The multiple panel options is so easy to order and I think it adds a uniqueness to a photo that makes them stand out. They basically do the work for you … just choose the option (“diptych”, “triptych”, or “quad”) when ordering your print and upload your normal-sized file and they will break it apart so it fits perfectly on your wall. They also set up the hardware on the back perfectly so that you can align your nails and they are leveled when you hang them up. I think it took me about 10 minutes (tops) to get these prints out of the box and up on my wall.
  • You can review a proof of your image before they mail it to you. This works well for the paneled option, just to make sure that your photo actually does work well separated into two or more side-by-side prints. They send an email to you of the proof, and you have to approve it before they continue with the printing. This does add a few extra days to your order, but it can be worth it if you want to ensure the composition works well with your photo.

It took me a while to get to the point where I didn’t just look at my photos on my computer, but I actually started printing them to hang on my wall. And now that I’m printing my photos I’m really glad that I found a great canvas printer to do this with. I give CanvasPop a HUGE thumbs-up.

Disclosure: CanvasPop gave me some credit in my account to go towards the print you see in the photo above, but all that did was just push me to getting the print I’ve been wanting for a while. I would never, ever say nice things about a product that I didn’t believe in or plan to use on my own … I love CanvasPop and will continue to get my canvas prints from them in the future.