A few weeks ago I picked up a print I had made from BackLit Box. I gotta say, this thing is really cool. To imagine what it would look like (since it’s not always easy to tell from a photograph) picture a computer-screen hanging on your wall displaying your photo with a nice black box surrounding it … that’s what it’s like.

The front of the print is a matte finish, and very sturdy (not just a paper print), and it’s surrounded by a black box that holds all of the LED lights, and it also makes it easy to stand it up on a surface instead of hanging on the wall. I have my print sitting behind me in my office … it adds a nice “night-light” effect to the room and the light makes the image pop like crazy. I gotta say, if I had little kids I would definitely be printing something to put in their rooms and leave it on all the time.

These boxes work with all images, but images with a light source within the frame (like lightening, back-lighting, etc.) seem to really add to the effect. The photo I had made was of the inside of a hot-air balloon, which was back-lit and you can even se e a small shadow in the print where someone was standing behind the balloon. The print comes with a power cord, so you can either hang it on the wall and hide the cord, or set it on a desk or book-shelf (like I did) with the cord in the background … kinda like you would with a lamp. It’s lit with LED lights inside the box so the light source is evenly spread in the box. (There’ s a lot more information on how it’s all put together over on their website here.)

Disclosure: I got the print for free, but had no obligation or agreement to post here or say nice things about it. Heck, I like it so much I’ll probably order more! They are seriously cool.