Last week I took a photography trip to Moab with my friend Dave (seen throughout this video … he’s the guy with the mohawk). My main goal (other than to have a relaxing time away from “the office”) was to get enough video and timelapse to put together a fancy video of my trip. I ended up with a ton of car-mounted footage with my new GoPro, along with some timelapse videos and a few nighttime star photographs. We had an awesome time, got lots of great photos/video, and I think that from now on whenever Dave hears John Mayer he’ll think of Moab (I had control of the music, hehe).

I’ve done my share of timelapse photography, but wanted to kick it up a notch and asked my friend Harley (our local MacGyver) if he knew of a way to create a “Timelapse Turntable” rig so that the timelapse footage would move as it was doing the intervals. He worked his magic, created something (that looked akin to a bomb) and showed me how it worked … and I got to test it out in Moab. The results are awesome!

Watch the Video

Here’s the gear used to create the above video:

  • GoPro Hero (car-mounted footage)
  • Canon 60D with Canon 14mm f/2.8L IS II lens (Timelapse footage)
  • LCD Timer Remote for the 60D (
  • Canon 7D with Canon 70-200 f/4L IS lens (Additional footage)
  • Harley’s Timelapse Turntable rig
  • Premiere Pro CS4 (editing)
  • Music © Tomasz Gierygowski, licensed from (link)

For more information on the timelapse turntable, take a look at Harley’s blog to see how it works and how he put it all together:

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