So, it’s “un-officially offical”, but later this year I’ll be packing up and moving to Seattle! It’s “official” because I am 100% sure that I’m moving there, and “un-official” because it’s too far out to make any of the logistical arrangements, like finding an apartment and hiring movers (as of right now it looks like it will be happening around September or October). I gave myself a few solid months to really think about it, and I’m super, super excited for this change in my life … it just “feels” right, ya know?

I’ve been in Utah for almost two years now, in a very transitional period of my life and I have nothing “grounding” me to this location, so I’m ready to move on. My job(s) also allow me to live wherever I want (as long as I have a computer and the internet) so I’m taking advantage of that and going somewhere new. I’ll miss my friends here in Utah, but I’m sure I’ll be back around from time to time to say hello.

Just thought I’d share the news with you guys, so if you’re in (or near) Seattle let me know! I’d love to meet up with the photographers after I’m settled later in the year.