Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes of yesterday’s halibut photo. I quickly snapped this BTS image with my iPhone before I cleaned up the scene, and yesterday someone asked to see it. I used two-lights: an ABR-800 with Moon Unit for some pretty strong back-light, and then filled in the front of the dish with another Alien Bee light with a large soft-box.

For camera gear I used my Canon 7D with the Canon 70-200 f/4L IS lens extended to 200mm for all shots to compress the background and make the main subject stand out.

The white table-top is a piece of wood I picked up from the hardware store, painted white and then painted with “crackle” paint to give it a distressed look. The final image here doesn’t show the table too well, but when it is visible in food images it adds a nice, subtle texture to the image that I really like.