My Dad is an Awesome Model

|||My Dad is an Awesome Model

My Dad is an Awesome Model

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I just returned from visiting family in Nebraska and my dad agreed to do some modeling for me while I was there. He’s modeled for me in the past, but this time I wanted to do some colorful “lifestyle” shots. He was a utility lineman for 27 years, and now teaches his trade at a college in Omaha, Nebraska so I thought it would be appropriate to ge some images of him at one of the workshop spaces in his building. Since I’d already photographed a good series of a utility lineman images in the past (and didn’t really have the setup for it this time) we ended up shooting some nice “portrait” type shots of him in a suitable environment.

Overall I’m really happy how the images turned out. We ended up doing three different concepts in different locations, two with a lighting setup and one with just natural light. I’ll post a few more images of him this week, and early next week I’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes images with lighting setups and gear information.

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