This weekend I hiked up a small hill with a bunch of other photographers to photograph the sunset and night shots of the Salt Lake Valley and realized it was a perfect opportunity to use one of the 60D’s in-camera creative filter. The above image was photographed and edited in-camera, with no other edits applied in post-processing (other than adding my little watermark to the bottom-right).

While it is possible to add this effect to images in post-processing it’s really easy to do it in-camera using the 60D’s creative filters, and it’s probably my favorite filter that the 60D has to offer so far. I am, of course, always a much bigger fan of doing these things in-camera with real lenses and stuff (as opposed to any type of software), so of course it would be much more fun to use an actual tilt-shift lens (click here to see an example of a tilt-shift lens in-use). However those lenses are extremely niche and very expensive, so using software to re-create this effect is probably a much more economical way to get this look.

If you’re interested in more info on this camera be sure to check back later … I’ll be posting more thoughts about the 60D here on my blog throughout the week.