I have a LOT of old negatives … not super old, mostly from the late 1990’s when I was in High School, but I took a ton of photos during those years. I also am somewhat of an organization-freak and kept pretty much all of them filed away in contact sheets and even have many of them labeled with the month/year and also some info on where the images were photographed. Stuff like that was important to keep track of since there was no such thing as metadata with film photos (unless you had a specialized camera attachment, which most photogaphers did not).

Ever since hearing about ScanCafe through podcasts and websites such as Photofocus and TWiP I have really wanted to try them out, since it would be nice to have my negatives digitized and backed-up on my computer. So a few months ago I did just that. I picked out about 10 contact sheets of negs and packaged them up and sent them to ScanCafe, and I have to say the process was smooth. I received a notification when my negatives arrived, were being scanned, and when they were shipped back and I even was able to track the progress via their website (see photo below).

Overall I’m really impressed. The image quality is pretty good and, like I said, the process was really simple and smooth. Here are some of the pluses that I experienced when using this service:

  • When I received the disk of images each folder was labeled the same way that I have each contact sheet of negatives labeled … definitely a bonus I wasn’t expecting.
  • The scanning progress was really easy to follow using their website … you never have to worry where your negatives and/or old photos are located.
  • The prices are good and they always have good deals and discounts you can take advantage of.
  • After I initially placed my order I decided I wanted to “upgrade” to the pro scanning service (basically just giving me a larger file). I contacted customer support and they were able to make the changes seamlessly.

This is one happy customer. It will take some time, since I have a lot of negs to get through, but I’ll eventually have all of my negatives safely scanned and archived on my computer, thanks to ScanCafe.