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Lesson 3:

“The Develop Module”

The Develop module in ON1 Photo RAW is where you will make basic and enhanced photographic adjustments to your photographs. Here you will edit the basic tones and colors, as well as clean up the scene with the Retouch Brush. You can also make enhanced adjustments using additional settings from the “Show More” drop-down.

In this lesson I will demonstrate how to process photos using ON1 Photo’s Develop module:

  • Setting the White Balance
  • Basic Tone adjustments
  • The Skin Retouching panel
  • Touch-ups with the Retouch Brush
  • Local adjustments

Note: This video was created using an early version of ON1 Photo RAW (released December 2016). If you are watching this video at a later time, there may be new features added to your version that are not visible in this video.

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