ON1 Photo Course

Post-processing, Creativity, and Inspiration

with Nicole S. Young

Lesson 8:

“Start to Finish: Adobe Lightroom & ON1 Photo RAW”

In the previous lessons I have gone through each module showing you some of the main features of ON1 Photo RAW, as well as explaining how to use the software from Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements. Now I’ll finish off the last three lessons with some start-to-finish walkthroughs. In this video I will start out in Lightroom with the Raw files, and then mask and stylize using ON1 Photo Layers and Effects. Throughout this video you will see me demonstrate some of the following techniques:

  • Basic Raw edits in Adobe Lightroom
  • Bringing more than one files into ON1 Photo as a layered document
  • Masking using the Masking Bug and Brush tools
  • Organizing and renaming layers
  • Bringing a Smart Photo into Effects
  • Basic stylization in Effects, including masking individual layers for selective edits

Note: This video was created using an early version of ON1 Photo RAW (released December 2016 and updated in February 2017). If you are watching this video at a later time, there may be new features added to your version that are not visible in this video.

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