ON1 Photo Course

Post-processing, Creativity, and Inspiration

with Nicole S. Young

Lesson 2:

“Getting Organized in Browse”

The Browse module in ON1 Photo RAW is the “home base” for your images when using ON1 Photo as a standalone application. Here you can view any folder on your hard-drive, as well as the ability to index folders for easy access. There are also other features inside of Browse, such as adding presets, filtering, adding metadata, and more.

In this lesson I will discuss how to stay organized in ON1 Photo’s Browse module:

  • Adding an “indexed” folder
  • Creating Albums and Smart Albums
  • Batch-processing a group of photos with the Presets panel
  • Syncing keywords with Lightroom (working with Metadata)
  • Exporting a file

Note: This video was created using an early version of ON1 Photo RAW (released December 2016). If you are watching this video at a later time, there may be new features added to your version that are not visible in this video.

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