by Nicole S. Young

Creative Layer Masking in ON1 Photo

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Not much more to say really - if you want to do any masking with On1 Photo 10 then you need this course. By the far the most informative I've seen - and I've seen a lot.

- Paul M.

As a short time user of ON1 after using Photoshop, I must declare that anyone using any app can finally learn masking from this package. Super professional presentation and material. I recommend anyone to purchase this package.

- Christy P.

I absolutely, absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to make masking as simple as unlabored breathing. Nicole explains this stuff in a way that no one else has, I have watched countless online videos, bought books and tutor videos, yet watching the first video in this series, I found myself wishing I never spent all that time and money elsewhere. She knows this masking stuff and knows how to transfer that knowledge to others, some folks know it but cannot transfer that knowledge. She has IT...

- Obi

The eBook and video tutorial, The Mask, by Nicole S. Young is a revelation to getting the best possible outcome in any situation. Thank you for the excellent real world examples and the tools that are needed to provide amazing masks. 

- Robert P.


This in-depth eBook and video tutorial goes deep into masking in ON1 Photo 10. Nicole starts out by explaining how layers, blending, and masking work, shows how to use the different tools inside of ON1 Photo 10, and then demonstrates these techniques with in-depth step-by-step tutorials.

Learn how to do sky and background replacements, tricky hair removal, and also change colors of items in your image, such as hair and clothing. Then, jump into the creative side of masking to make beautiful works of art with double exposures and composites. Plus, each section in the eBook is demonstrated in-depth as a video tutorial, so you can follow along in whichever way works best for your style of learning!


by Nicole S. Young

Included with your purchase:

eBook: A step-by-step guide to masking in ON1 Photo 10.

Video Tutorials: Four hours (04:00:27) of detailed video demonstrating the start-to-finish post-processing of the step-by-step lessons in the eBook. Videos may be streamed online or downloaded to a personal computer.

Practice Image Files & Presets: Follow along on your own computer using the full-resolution photographs shown in the tutorials in both the eBook and videos. Plus, a set of presets is included with your downloads to quickly apply the settings demonstrated.

Example Images: