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Nicole S. Young
Nicole S. Young

Nicole is a photographer and educator living in the US. She writes, travels around the world with her camera & shares her knowledge about photography through her books, training, and online articles.

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Windows users: There may be subtle differences between the Mac interface and some features you see in the videos compared with the Windows version of Luminar 2018. Please click here for a full list of discrepancies between the Mac and Windows versions.

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All videos are high resolution 1080p .mp4 files — Total video time = 59 min 53 sec

Lesson 1: Food Photography

Download Lesson 1

14 min 27 sec, 113.1 MB

Lesson 2: Business Portrait

Download Lesson 2

11 min 10 sec, 108.9 MB

Lesson 3: Foggy Forest

Download Lesson 3

11 min 26 sec, 266.3 MB

Lesson 4: Adding Texture

Download Lesson 4

9 min 45 sec, 96.3 MB

Lesson 5: Sky Replacement

Download Lesson 5

13 min 05 sec, 211.7 MB

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