— Lesson 06 —

Importing & Workflow

with Nicole S. Young

Nicole S. Young

Nicole is a photographer and educator based in Oregon. She writes, travels around the world with her camera, and shares her knowledge about photography through her books, training, and online articles.

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Video Download — Instructions

Lesson 06: Importing and Workflow

In this lesson I demonstrate a full import and walkthrough of a photo-shoot.

Practice Files

To download the practice images, please access your DOWNLOAD PAGE.
You can find the link in your original email receipt.

To download these videos with closed-captioning, please click here (.zip file, 409.8 MB).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts used in this lesson:

Description Mac PC
Select All Cmd A Ctrl A
Display Filmstrip in Browse F F
Scroll through photos in Browse Left/Right arrow keys Left/Right arrow keys
Grid view in Browse G G
Increase/Decrease thumbnail size in Browse + and – keys + and – keys
Pick or “Like” a photo P P
Reject a photo X X
Add a star rating 1–5 on the keyboard 1–5 on the keyboard
Preview sharpening mask (Details panel) Hold Opt key while sliding Hold Alt key while sliding
Toggle before/after preview / /
Reset a slider Double-click the name of the slider Double-click the name of the slider
Resize proportionally Hold Shift key while transforming Hold Shift key while transforming
Zoom in and out Cmd + / Cmd – Ctrl + / Ctrl –
Increase / Decrease Brush size [ and ] [ and ]
Undo last command Cmd Z Ctrl Z