— Lesson 01: Masking —

with Nicole S. Young

Nicole S. Young

Nicole is a photographer and educator based in Oregon. She writes, travels around the world with her camera, and shares her knowledge about photography through her books, training, and online articles.

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Video Download — Instructions

Lesson 01: Masking

This lesson is all about masking! In the first video, I walk through the basic tools on how to mask, and then I show a few technical examples on masking skies, as well as hair. This lesson also includes a student video that shows how to correct distortion in an architecture image. Plus, the weekly Q&A, which I really enjoyed, by the way! Keep those questions coming!

Practice Files

To download the practice images, please access your DOWNLOAD PAGE.

You can find the link in your original email receipt.

To download these videos with closed-captioning, please click here (.zip file, 538.5 MB).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts used in this lesson:

Description Mac PC
Brush tool B B
Change Brush size [ and ] [ and ]
Change Brush feather Shift + [ and Shift + ] Shift + [ and Shift + ]
Perfect Brush Cmd + R Ctrl + R
Toggle Paint in and Paint out Shift + X Shift + X
Perfect Brush, remembers sampled color Hold Cmd key while brushing Hold Ctrl key while brushing
Undo Cmd + Z Ctrl + Z
Select multiple files in Browse Shift key or Cmd key Shift key or Ctrl key