— Lesson 02: Textures and Overlays —

with Nicole S. Young

Nicole S. Young

Nicole is a photographer and educator based in Oregon. She writes, travels around the world with her camera, and shares her knowledge about photography through her books, training, and online articles.

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Lesson 02 — Textures & Overlays

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Lesson 02: Blending Textures and Overlays

This lesson is all about blending textures and overlays. In these tutorials you will learn how to use the Texture filter and Layers panel to apply and blend textures with your images. There is also a full tutorial on creating a creative composite using mostly blending modes with very little masking. The student file this week shows how to color-correct an old negative with a strong color cast.

Your next lesson will be available on June 21, 2019.

Practice Files

To download the practice images, please access your DOWNLOAD PAGE.
You can find the link in your original email receipt, or from this week’s most-recent lesson email.

To download these videos with closed-captioning, please click here (.zip file, 400.9 MB).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts used in this lesson:

Description Mac PC
Preview before/after image / /
Select multiple photos at once Shift + Click Shift + Click
Scale an image from the center Opt + Resize Alt + Resize
Scale an image proportionally Shift + Resize Shift + Resize
Zoom in and out Cmd + / Cmd – Ctrl + / Ctrl –
Change Brush size [ and ] [ and ]
Select multiple individual images at once Cmd + Click Ctrl + Click


Throughout this course I will be demoing student files to show how to post-process certain techniques. If you would like to submit your own file(s) to be considered for being featured in this course, please use the button below.

Upload requirements:

  • Please include YOUR NAME in the filename of ALL uploaded files. For example: young_nicole_1234.cr2, young_nicole_1234.doc
  • To get the most out of your submission, please upload the RAW version of your image.
  • If you have a specific question about your image, such as “how to colorize my black-and-white photo”, please type that in a separate text file and upload it along with your image file WITH THE SAME FILENAME as your image.
  • You must be the copyright owner for all uploaded files.

By uploading your files you consent Nicolesy, Inc. to use your copyrighted images in the ON1 Discovery course. Your original image files will not be shared publicly or made available to the other enrolled students or any other party.

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