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Frequently Asked Questions

  • QUESTION: How will I receive the lessons in this course?

  • ANSWER: Once the course begins, a new chapter will be emailed to you once a week for eight weeks. The email will link you to the chapter with several lessons. You also have the option of downloading the videos to your computer to watch offline.

  • QUESTION: What version of Lightroom was this created with?

  • ANSWER: This course was created using Lightroom Classic CC (2015 version). While it is older than the current version of Lightroom, nearly all of the videos are still 100% relevant.

  • QUESTION: What skill level is this course created for?

  • ANSWER: This course is for all users of Lightroom and covers a wide variety of topics.

  • QUESTION: Can I download the videos from the course?

  • ANSWER: Yes! The videos can be downloaded one-at-a-time. Instructions to download are on each chapter page.

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