Learning Luminar

Luminar 2018

with Nicole S. Young

Attention Windows Users:

The new version of Luminar 2018 is the first iteration to be available on both Mac and Windows. Because it is newly-developed for Windows not all of the features made it into the software at the time of release. However, the software is being updated incrementally and will soon have feature parity (be identical) with the Mac version.

To make it easy for Windows users to visualize the differences—particularly when watching Mac-platform education content, like with the course lesson below—I put together this visual comparison guide:


Lesson 07:

“Start to Finish”

In this lesson I will demonstrate a start-to-finish walk-through of processing a photo. Throughout this lesson I will show you how to:

  • Make basic raw edits to a photo
  • Add a new adjustment layer
  • Stylize the color and tone of the image using filters
  • Add a new image layer
  • Apply blending modes and opacity settings to a layer
  • Crop the photo

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Luminar 2018

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Download Lesson 07

1080p, .mp4 file — 62.9 MB

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.lmner file — 58.3 MB

Download Free Snow Overlay

This link will take you to my website where you can download a free snow overlay.

Music: “Bloom”,  by Josh Woodward

Download Video File

1080p, .mp4 file — 4.6 MB

Music: “Motionless Land”,  by Josh Woodward

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