Learning Luminar — Lesson 03: Layers and Blending 2017-12-31T11:54:54+00:00

Lesson 03:

“Layers & Blending”

Layers are a powerful thing. They allow you to blend edits together, add textures and overlays, and they open the door to so much more to a photograph. In this lesson I will discuss using different kinds of layers, as well as blending modes. I’ll demonstrate:

  • Adding a new image layer to a document
  • How the filters applied on each layer affect the image
  • Converting a layer to black and white to blend it with the layer below
  • Applying the Free Transform tool to resize an individual layer
  • Using an adjustment layer to affect all layers below
  • Blending modes with individual filters
  • Using the “Create new stamped layer” option
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Music: “Infinite Horizons”,  by Josh Woodward

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