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Welcome to the Nicolesy “Learning Luminar” Course!

Thank you for registering for this course! Here are a few items to take a look at now, and you can learn more about the content of this course by taking a look at the FAQ below.

  • To ensure delivery of all course lessons, please add to your email contact list. This will help prevent the emails from getting lost in your SPAM or JUNK folder. It’s also important that you remain subscribed to the Nicolesy Newsletter if you would like to begin and continue the lessons in this course.

  • If after a few hours you do not receive a confirmation email, please send a message to Nicole using this link. Be sure to include the email address you used to sign up for the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • QUESTION: When will the course begin?

  • ANSWER: This course will begin soon after the new version of Luminar is released, in the Fall of 2017.

  • QUESTION: How will I receive the lessons?

  • ANSWER: Once the course begins, a new lesson will be emailed to you every day for one week. The email will link you to the video tutorial, along with any supplemental materials if included (presets, image download, etc.). You also have the option of downloading the video to your computer to watch offline.

  • QUESTION: Do I need Luminar to use this course?

  • ANSWER: Yes! If you do not already own Luminar by Macphun, then you will want to purchase it using the link below. Macphun also offers a free 14–day free trial for their software, so you don’t need to own it to learn with this course. Wait until the course begins, and then download the free trial using the link I will send in your email. And, if you are a Windows user, please click here to download the beta version.

    Use the code NICOLESY and save $10:

Ready to try Luminar? Click here
  • QUESTION: What skill level is this course created for?

  • ANSWER: This course is for all users of Luminar, both beginners and advanced alike. While some of the content will be better suited for photographers who are new to Luminar, I have built each lesson so that the information contained will also be beneficial for those more familiar with the software. As an advanced photographer myself, I always find that I learn something, even if the content is familiar. Plus, it’s a free course, so what do you have to lose!

  • QUESTION: What will I learn in this course?

  • ANSWER: Luminar has many things to offer, and I plan on covering a wide variety of content. I will begin with the user interface, and will go on to discuss working with presets, filters, workspaces, layers & blending, masking, and more.

  • QUESTION: Can I download the videos from the course?

  • ANSWER: Yes! When each video is released, you will be directed to a page on my website where you can view and download the video file. At the end of the course, you will have access to all past training videos and files as well.

    This course is scheduled to last at least one week, so by the end of the course, you will have at least seven video lessons.

Course lessons begin Fall 2017

Actual starting date is subject to change.

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