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Luminar Training

Luminar: Step by Step

eBook — Luminar 4: Step by Step (2020)

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Luminar: Step by Step

eBook — Luminar: Step by Step (2018)

Learn how to process photos using Luminar with this step-by-step masterclass eBook and video tutorials set. In the first three chapters, the book highlights nearly all of the features and tools within the software, and also gives some recommendations for filters and other techniques to use on your photos. Then, the remaining chapters shows several start-to-finish processing examples of images, and includes the full-size raw files for you to download and follow along on your own computer.

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Learning Luminar

Learning Luminar

This free video course will teach you the basics of using Luminar 2018. it begins with an overview of the software, including the new features of Luminar 2018, and then moves into explaining each tool, panel, and ends with some start-to-finish walkthroughs using different techniques.

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Video training, free downloads, and other articles relating to Luminar.