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Keep Sharing Your #StayOutThere Photos!

On Monday I announced the start of a fun photography challenge, the "10-Day #StayOutThere Challenge". Today is "Day 4", so we still have 6 days left to go, so I wanted to share some of the beautiful photos I have seen along the way! You guys and gals are doing a great job, keep it up :)
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Are Female Photographers Underrepresented?

My husband, Brian Matiash, and I are both full-time self-employed photographers (or, to be more accurate, photo-educators). Yet we have completely separate businesses, separate websites, and we do a lot of our own individual travel [...]
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10-Day #StayOutThere Challenge

As you may already know, I recently partnered with Adobe, and today is the very first day of a 10-Day photography challenge! I would like to encourage and inspire you to get out […]

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  • Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier National Park.

Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier National Park

As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room, plotting my sunset adventure for my last night in Mount Rainier National Park. I’ve been here a few times already, the first […]

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Hands-on Review: Kashmir UL by f-stop

When it comes to hauling camera gear on my back to photograph landscapes, as well as while traveling, my bag of choice will almost always come from f-stop. They have a collection of very well-made […]

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Now Shipping! Food Photography: Second Edition

My newest book is now shipping! In 2010, I wrote the first edition of this book. At the time, there were only a handful of books about food photography, and I wanted to make an easy-to-understand guide for users of all levels [...]
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Free Hand-Painted Watercolor Textures: Oasis and Vineyard

With the release of my brand-new Watercolor II texture set, I am also giving away two FREE bonus watercolor textures as well! :) Each download comes with a high-resolution JPEG (8000px wide) and […]

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New Texture Set: Watercolor II

Earlier this week I got into a messy, artsy mood and pulled out my watercolors to create some fun new textures for my store. There's something about splotches, spills, messy colors, and organic elements of the paper that make these types of textures some of my favorites! [...]
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Three Days With a Sony Mirroless Camera

A few months back I was invited by Sony to attend an influencer event in San Diego, where I had an opportunity to use some of their mirrorless cameras and lenses. I have been using Canon for […]

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New Partner Announcement: Adobe

I have been using Adobe products for about as long as I can remember being a photographer. As a teenager, I got my first taste of Photoshop while working at a photographer’s studio, where […]

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Food Photography: Back, Side, and Front Light

The direction of your light is incredibly important when photographing food. Certain angles of light will help shape the scene and can also be the difference between a successful image, and one […]

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  • A field of lupines at sunset on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland.

Don’t Let Them Crush You

Photographers are a fickle bunch. In many ways, we can be supportive, kind, and well-intentioned towards other photographers. I like to think that we all want to help others succeed and enjoy […]

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