Five “Real Photographer” Myths

Are you a "real" photographer? Of course you are! If you love photography, regardless of your level of experience, then you fit the bill. However we have all seen, heard, or maybe even felt a little bit of dissuasion from other people ...

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Is HDR a Fad?

I recently read a blog post from someone who casually mentioned that HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) was a "fad", and they were hoping it would eventually go away. Now this was, of course, a very opinionated statement, but it was not really one that was embellished with photos or even an explanation as to what their own definition of HDR is ...

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Photographers: Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Insured

Being a photographer, whether as a hobbyist or a professional, requires us to have gear. Much of that gear is expensive, be it cameras, lenses, tripods, and even some accessories. Due to the nature of our work, we will oftentimes be out-and-about with our camera equipment, which involves the risk of losing our gear, ...

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Never Work for Free

I see too many photographers busting their butts for a solid paycheck, working so hard for so little. Oftentimes these photographers are setting their own prices, and then finding clients who will pay those prices. If you factor in the amount of work it takes to schedule a portrait session, consult with the client before-hand (what to wear, what to bring, etc.), show up, photograph them, go home, process the photos, post them to an online gallery (which you probably pay for), and then have them maybe buy some prints, how much could you have really made? What is your bottom line? It will be different for everyone, but chances are a few hundred dollars for a single session is not going to cover it ... not if you want to make photography a significant income. ...

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