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We all want to be inspired, do great things and keep up our momentum of creativity, but we can’t always pull it out of thin air. Oftentimes inspiration flows like a raging river, where ideas and energy never seem to end. But then there are those dreadful days, weeks, or even months when the river runs dry and inspiration is not to be found. Something—or someone—needs to give a little push in the right direction to get those juices flowing again, and who’s to say that someone can’t be you?

The best part about inspiration is that it can come from almost anything. Maybe you see a beautiful bird while out on a walk. Its bold colors inspire you to create a painting, or implement that palette into a design project. Or perhaps you walk past a bakery. The smell of bread stimulates your senses, making you think of your childhood, which then fires another part of your brain to write a poem or a blog post. The possibilities of where and how you can be inspired are endless.

Consider this eBook your guide on the path of seeking inspiration. We’re not always certain of what we’re going to find on our journey, which, in a way, makes it even more adventurous. The key is to keep looking. Inspiration is out there. Sometimes we just have to go searching for it.

Title: The Inspired Photographer: Twenty Ways to Seek Inspiration & Ignite Creativity
Author: Nicole S. Young
Published: May 16, 2013 by Nicolesy, Inc.
Pages: 146
Formats: PDF, ePUB, MOBI
ISBN-10 (PDF): 0-9893976-0-7
ISBN-13 (PDF): 978-0-98-93876-0-6