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Hi! My name is Nicole, a.k.a. “Nicolesy” (Nicole S Young) :). I’m a full-time photographer and author living in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my husband, Brian Matiash, and our two dogs, Kodak and Simon, and I thrive on inspiring and encouraging photographers to improve their craft and grow as artists. My photography specialties are food and landscape, and I also create stock images for my portfolio over on Stocksy.

I love to teach, learn and share what I know through my blog, articles, podcasts, interviews and training materials. I have an online store, where I sell post-processing tools, such as preset, actions and textures, along with some of my own self-published books and video training, all at very affordable prices. To take a look, please head on over to the Nicolesy Store.

You can find more of my work on the following sites:

• Stocksy
My Portfolio

A little more of my story …

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, in a family of five (plus at least one cat). In high school I took a photography class in high school where I fell in love with the subject! I graduated a few years later, but instead of pursuing photography as a career I decided to join the US Navy where I served 8.5 years as a Korean linguist.

In 2006, a few years before I separated from the military, I discovered microstock photography and decided to join some stock sites to help me grow as a photographer. I had purchased my first digital SLR the year before, a Nikon D2H (up until then I was using a Nikon F4 film camera), and knew I had a lot to learn about digital photography and post-processing. I pursued stock photography full-force and realized that I was able to actually make money at it! It was then that I decided to do photography full-time, and so in December  of 2007 I separated from the military and began my career as a photographer.

Over the next few years my stock portfolio proved to be a good source of income. I was also regularly writing here in my blog, and had become quite active on social media. I found myself as a guest on podcasts, interviews, other blogs, and eventually I received a call from Peachpit Press, asking me to write my very first book. I now have six print books published through Peachpit, along with several other eBooks and self-published print titles as well.

My business slowly grew and changed,  and in 2012 I knew I wanted to start moving in a different direction. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and writing about photography, and decided that I was going to make a go at doing it all on my own. In October of 2012 I started selling presets here on my blog, and a few months later I opened up a dedicated online store, the Nicolesy Store, which is the home-base for all of my own self-published eBooks, presets, textures, and video tutorials. I still do stock photography on the side, however my store is now the focus of my business and will continue to grow and expand over time.

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