Blending Images with Gradients in ON1 Photo RAW [Video]

||, Videos|Blending Images with Gradients in ON1 Photo RAW [Video]

Blending Images with Gradients in ON1 Photo RAW [Video]

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Please enjoy this free video lesson from my new eBook and video training course Step by Step with ON1 Photo RAW (2018).

Learn how to use gradients in ON1 Layers to blend two images with different exposure settings together to balance the image. Then, watch as I bring the photo into Effects to give it a stylized look.

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  1. Griff May 30, 2018 at 11:42 am - Reply

    Thank you for that tutorial as it brought things a bit clearer. I would say, especially with adding the smart layer and prior to, the composite to the two layers to bring as one without losing your two layers. That is what was the most helpful to me. Thank you again!

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