This review is on the Jobu Design BWG-J3K Junior 3 Gimbal. Earlier this year I purchased the FUJINON 100–400mm lens + 1.4x and needed a gimbal head to use it on my tripod. While the lens is capable of being handheld (due to it being so much more lightweight than its full-frame DSLR counterparts) it can still take a toll on the arm when used repeatedly for even a short period of time.

About the Jobu Design Junior 3 Gimbal

Gimbal heads area meant for cameras with larger lenses, allowing the ability to quickly swing and maneuver the camera into position. Gimbals are best used with lenses that have tripod plates, and this accessory is no exception. This head has a max load of 10 lbs, which is perfect for photographers with a lighter setup.

Why I like this item

I wanted a gimbal head that worked with my longest FUJIFILM lens but was also affordable, and this gimbal head fits all of my needs. It’s sturdy, not too heavy, and has easy-to-use big knobs to make it easy to adjust quickly. To be fair, I haven’t owned any other gimbal head so I have nothing to compare it with, but overall I am really happy with this purchase.

Here are some of the features I like about this gimbal:

  • Rugged design, built well
  • Big, easy-to-use, rubber knobs
  • Not too large and heavy, works well with my FUJIFILM camera setup (max load is 10 lbs)

BTW, Jobu Design does have a “beefier” model that work with heavier setups, the Jobu Design Heavy Duty MK IV Gimbal Head (25lbs Capacity).

How do I use it?

I use this with my FUJIFILM X-T2 and FUJINON 100–400mm + 1.4x lens for long distance work. This year I had three main uses: photographing the solar eclipse, wildlife photography in Grand Teton National Park, and photographing birds in Bosque del Apache. Each time it worked beautifully, save for one moment when I didn’t quite tighten the screw onto my lens plate (whoops!). Thankfully I caught it right away—literally—and now I’m much better about checking the tightness after placing the lens on the gimbal head.

Where can I get one?

You can find this item on Amazon and B&H Photo.