This week I launched a brand-new FREE one-week video course on Luminar 2018. This training is for all users of Luminar, and while some of the content will be better suited for photographers who are new to Luminar, experienced users might also find the content informative. As an advanced photographer myself, I always find that I learn something, even if the content is familiar. Plus, it’s a free course, so what do you have to lose!

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Learning Luminar: A Free 1-week Video Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luminar 2018 available on both Mac and PC?

Yes! This new version of Luminar is the first to be available on both Mac and Windows. The course will demonstrate Luminar on a Mac, so, depending on when you register, Windows users may see some differences between the programs. However, in time, the two versions should be nearly identical.

Do I need to purchase Luminar 2018 before registering for the course?

No! If you are on the fence with purchasing Luminar, or would like to first view the course to get a good “feel” for what the software is all about, then I would recommend downloading a free trial of the software as soon as you receive your first lesson. I’ll include a link to download the software in your first lesson. Or, if you’re ready to purchase it now, you can do so by clicking here … and be sure to use the code NICOLESY to save $10 on your purchase!

How do I register for the course? And, how does it work?

To access this course you must first register using the form below. Once you are registered you will receive one lesson per day in your inbox. The emails will link you to a page on my website where you can watch the video tutorial and download any supplemental materials that may be offered with that lesson (such as practice files and/or presets).

What will I learn in this course?

Luminar has many things to offer, and I plan on covering a wide variety of content. I will begin with the user interface, and will go on to discuss working with presets, filters, workspaces, layers & blending, masking, and more.

Can I download the videos from the course?

Yes! When each video is released, you will be directed to a page on my website where you can view and download the video file. At the end of the course you will have access to all past training videos and files as well.

When does the course begin?

As soon as you register you will receive an email confirming that you have enrolled, along with some information about the course. You will also receive your first lesson at this time, and will continue to receive one lesson each day for the next week (seven lessons total).

How long will the course last?

This course is scheduled to last at least one week, so by the end of the course you will have seven video lessons.

Why should I enroll in this course?

This course is exclusively for those who register here, and you will only have access to the training if you sign up for the course below. Also, for those on the fence and have not yet purchased the software, it is also an excellent way to preview what you will get with Luminar 2018.

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