What’s in my camera bag: Morocco

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What’s in my camera bag: Morocco

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This week Brian and I will be heading out on a photography trip to Morocco! I’ve been itching to get out and create more photos for my bookstutorials and my Stocksy collection, and traveling is always the best way for me to really beef up my portfolio. Plus, I’ll be going to both a country and continent I have not yet visited, and there is nothing more fun than photographing a new location and culture for the first time. Suffice it to say that I’m a little bit excited.

I’ve been trying to minimize my camera gear, both size and number of items, and switching over to the FUJIFILM X system has been the best thing for that endeavor so far. I feel unencumbered with what I take with and I don’t feel like an intrusive photographer while out on the streets. I’m also only bringing smaller lenses this time around and leaving the long telephoto at home.


When I travel I tend to bring two main camera bags: one for airplane and big-haul travel (from place-to-place), and a small messenger bag to carry a few lenses around while walking the streets and making photos. For this trip, I’m also going to play around with using a small cross-carry purse to stash an extra lens (or in most cases, the FUJIFILM X100F) to see if I can go without a bulkier messenger bag.

Here are the bags I’m taking on this trip:

Cameras & Lenses:

While the FUJIFILM X-T2 is my main camera I also will be using the FUJIFILM X100F. I currently have an X100F on loan from FUJIFILM, but I’m quickly falling in love with it and have a feeling that I’ll be adding one to my collection soon. This setup will allow me to carry the 56mm on my X-T2 and then quickly switch over to the X100F as needed (it has a fixed 23mm). I also will be bringing two small zoom lenses for both landscape photos and for when I want some flexibility with my focal length.

Tripod & Accessories:

I don’t expect to use my tripod very much on this trip so I’m taking my small Gitzo travel tripod along. At home, and for landscape-focused travel, I use a Really Right Stuff tripod, but I bring the smaller Gitzo when I want to travel light. And because I expect to be doing more hand-held and less landscape photography, I’m also swapping my standard square filter setup for fixed circular polarizers on this trip, one for each of my main lenses.

If you would like to my photos from this trip, please consider following me Instagram! I’ll be sharing as often as time (and Internet connectivity) allows.

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