I have been using Lightroom ever since it was first released in 2007. Most of what I know is through self-taught trial-and-error, but I also often peruse the Internet from time-to-time to improve my skills. While I consider myself an expert with this software there are always new bits of knowledge that can be learned regardless of one’s experience level. And when I want to learn something, my go-to resource is video training.

One of the most frustrating things I experience after finding a video tutorial online is discovering that it is 10, 15, or even more than 20 minutes long! While the video is likely filled with excellent information and top-notch training, I don’t have the time to sit through several minutes of a video waiting for the one thing I am hoping to learn. That’s when I came up with the idea for “Two Minute Tips” — video tutorials that are concise, to-the-point, and only a few minutes long.

In January 2010 I started recording these bite-sized tutorials to share here on my blog. The videos I created for this series were all Photoshop-related, but I had been wanting to create a comprehensive Lightroom course for my online store. After years of positive feedback of my “cut-to-the-chase” training style, I realized that the “Two Minute Tip” method would be a perfect platform, and that is how this training course, Lightroom: Two Minute Tips, was conceived.

In this video course you will find 137 short videos teaching tips and techniques using Lightroom CC, with the average video length being just over 2 minutes! I thoroughly explain how to import files, organization in the Library module, the panels and tools in the Develop module, how to work with presets, create a book in the Book module, and also how to use the Print module to create collages, picture packages, and more. And then the training finishes off with a chapter dedicated to exporting.

I hope you enjoy these “Two Minute Tips” and that it helps take your understanding of Lightroom to a whole new level!

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