Being a solopreneur takes a lot of work. Maybe one day I’ll add a team of people to my business setup, but until then it’s just me … and I love it! One thing I do to balance out my work is to put “life” time into my routine. My work is very important to me, but I would not be able to teach, create, and run my business if was burned out.

One of the many reasons we moved back to Portland a few years ago was to be in a dog-friendly environment. Just this month, Brian and I started a new ritual of taking the dogs to our favorite dog park once a week. We already give our dogs regular walks around our neighborhood, but when we take them to this park they have such a wonderful time (and they’re zonked out for about 24 hours afterwards!). It also gives us the chance to breathe in some fresh air, clear our heads, get a little bit of exercise, and watch our pups splash in the mud puddles.

These moments are what life is all about. I always make sure to pull myself away from my desk after a productive day of working and do something else—something enjoyable—before the sun starts to set. I also tend to push aside work on the weekends and give myself some time off. It’s all about finding balance; I need to work just hard enough to make enough money to pay the bills and get to do the things I enjoy, like traveling, or supporting my knitting habit.

I wouldn’t be lying if I didn’t admit how tempting it can be to want to chain myself to my desk and work all day. After all, the more I work the more I could potentially earn, but what’s the point of having lots of money if I don’t enjoy my life?

I’m very thankful that the path I have chosen so far has proven to be successful for me. I get to serve my audience and have a profitable business; were it not profitable then I would not be able to serve my audience. So far 2016 is off to a great start. I had a successful product launch last week, and I have big plans for the future, including some epic scuba diving trips where I’ll try my hand at underwater photography. I hope you’ll tag along and see where life takes me!