As you may already know, I recently partnered with Adobe, and today is the very first day of a 10-Day photography challenge! I would like to encourage and inspire you to get out there with your camera and create photos. Keep reading to learn more …

As a photographer, it can be easy to find myself stuck behind my computer all day. I put pressure on myself to perfectly process a photograph on my computer before sharing it to one of my many social media accounts. However, I’m sure I’m not the only photographer out there who would prefer to be out making photographs, rather than sitting at my desk. Thankfully there are many tools, such as the Lightroom app for mobile (which I use daily), a part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan, which allows me to sync photos from my computer, and then quickly process and share those photos from my iPhone. It has really helped evolve my workflow and has also allowed me to share more frequently. Please click here to read more about how I use the Lightroom on my mobile device to share photographs.

Click to read: “Using Lightroom Mobile to Share Photos From Your Computer”

By the way, along with the Lightroom app for mobile, the Creative Cloud Photography plan also has applications such as Adobe Mix (combine photos together, for iOS and Android), as well as iPad apps Adobe Slate (a fun way to create visual stories), and Adobe Voice (a very easy application used to create animated videos).

Participate and Share Your Images!

Over the next ten days, I am partnering with Adobe for a “#StayOutThere 10-Day Photography Challenge” to help you look for new ways to invigorate your photography! Each day I will share a photo that fits in with a daily theme (see the next section for more info). Please follow along with my posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to view my interpretations of each daily theme, and don’t forget to share your own images as well!

Want to join the fun? Share your photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and add the tag #StayOutThere to your post so we can find your photos! I will also be re-sharing some of my favorites throughout the next few weeks. Here are the daily themes:

If you would like to participate and challenge yourself to “stay out there” with your camera, be sure to use the tag #StayOutThere! I will be scanning through the photos daily and re-sharing them over the next few weeks. And please feel free to comment below with links to your #StayOutThere images so I can find them! Post as few or as many images as you like, and the photos can be brand-spankin’-new, or images that have been collecting dust on your hard-drive or mobile device. Hey, I’m not picky :) The point is to fuel those creative juices and encourage you to use your camera.

Check out my gallery of each day’s challenges (updated daily through September 2nd!)

To see what I will be sharing over the next 10 days, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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