In 2010, I wrote the first edition of this book. At the time, there were only a handful of books about food photography, and I wanted to make an easy-to-understand guide for users of all levels. And just last year, I felt that it was time to complement the first book with a new edition. My style as a food photographer has evolved, and because of that, so has this book.
I also wanted to make sure that anyone who has read the first edition will still be able to buy this book and feel that their purchase was worth it! Here are some things that you will discover with this book in comparison with the last one:

  • Brand-new photos: I updated nearly ALL of the images in the book. There are a handful of photos (mostly technical photos) that are the same, but I made a concerted effort to use brand-new images. On the top of my head I would estimate that at least 95% of the photos in the book were replaced.
  • Condensed basic photography chapters: I had some comments in the reviews about there being “too much” information on basic photography. Because of this, I condensed the first three chapters into only two chapters; Chapter 1 is now a combination of two chapters with similar material (basic photography), and Chapter 2 is all about lighting.
  • Updated info on Lighting and Food Styling: Chapter 2 (lighting) was updated to add more information on different angles of light, and Chapter 3 (food and prop styling) was edited to reflect my updated food-styling style.
  • A Brand New Chapter: Chapter 5 is a brand-new chapter on social media, copyright, watermarking, website, etc (getting your presence online).
  • Updated post-processing chapter: Chapter 6 (post-processing) is completely re-written with Lightroom as the software (my other book has Photoshop for the tutorials).
  • Brand-new behind-the-scenes: Chapter 7 (Behind the Scenes) is all brand-new examples.
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