I have a personal rule I follow when I travel, especially when I’m in Asia: I get an early start. Sure, I have my moments when I need to sleep in, but it’s just after sunrise when things are at their best. So this morning I woke up just before sunrise, ate breakfast, and set out on the streets of Bangkok with camera in-hand. As I strolled around a local market, I knew that getting up early paid off. The produce was being delivered, shops were getting set up, and there were little to no other tourists to be seen.

I got some of the usual market shots: stacks of produce, piles of chili peppers, and a few wide scenes of the market for reference. This is my second trip to Thailand and my fourth trip to Southeast Asia, so while there is no culture shock, I find that the first outing is usually a “warmup” for the rest of my trip. I didn’t expect to come back with any spectacular photos, mostly just good photos I could use in my training and tutorials.

Then, while walking back to my hotel, I decided to take as many side alleys as possible. I do this a lot, as I find that the empty, less-trafficked roads usually have the most interesting photographic finds. I walked past a man washing his motorbike, and my first thought was “wow, look at those tattoos!”. His ENTIRE back was covered, it was beautiful. I smiled, and kept walking.

Then, about 5 seconds after I started to walk away, I stopped. I had seen something beautiful and needed to photograph it. So, I went back and asked him if I could take his photo. It took a little bit of back and forth (he knew no English and I know no Thai), so I used my iPhone to translate my request. He happily obliged, and even was nice enough to pose twice so I could photograph him with my instant camera first, wait for it to develop, and then re-photograph him with the FUJIFILM X-T1.

After I had finished, I thanked him and handed him the print. I was happy I listened my gut and turned around, but it felt even better to give him the photograph.

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