My 10 Favorite Filters in onOne’s Perfect Effects 9

|||My 10 Favorite Filters in onOne’s Perfect Effects 9

My 10 Favorite Filters in onOne’s Perfect Effects 9

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One of the things I love about Perfect Effects inside of the new onOne Perfect Photo Suite 9 is the ability to stack more than one filter, blend them together, and ultimately create my very own unique combination of effects. Their new slogan says it all: Your Photo. Your Look. And it couldn’t be more true. This software gives each of use the ability to completely customize the processing from start to finish.

Because I’ve been using onOne’s products for several years, I have found myself gravitating to some of the same filters over and over. So I thought, why not share them here! This list consists of my top-ten favorite filters in onOne Software’s Perfect Effects 9.

Color Enhancer: Fall Enhancer

Whether it’s a photo of autumn leaves, a standard landscape image with some warm tones, or a completely different photograph altogether, the Fall Enhancer filter can really make the reddish-orange colors pop. The filter can be pretty intense, depending on the photograph, so I oftentimes find myself reducing the Layer Opacity slightly to balance the effect.color-fall-enhancer

Color Enhancer: Green Enhancer

If you have any greens in your image, this is an excellent filter to use. Just like with the Fall Enhancer filter, the Green Enhancer can be strong. You may want to bring the Layer Opacity down slightly to make your greens look realistic, especially in a landscape photo with a LOT of greenery. For some instances, like with this photo of a bunch of carrots, you won’t need any adjusting at all.color-green-enhancer

Color Enhancer: Sky Enhancer

The Sky Enhancer filter is great for any photo with blue sky that needs a little bit of a boost. It brings out the blues in your photo, so it works on other types of images, too.color-sky-enhancer

Color Enhancer: Warmer

Sometimes a photo just needs a little bit of warmth. This is a great go-to filter to add a beautiful warming effect to any photograph.color-warmer

Dynamic Contrast: Natural

I oftentimes like to add some “crispness” to my images, and the Natural filter in the Dynamic Contrast folder is one of my all-time favorites. It adds crispness without making things look “crunchy”.dynamic-contrast-natural

Lens Blur: Tilt Shift

When I want to add blur to the background of my scene, typically with landscape images, then I use the Tilt Shift filter. It adds a gradient blur that can be adjusted, and you can even mask out parts of the scene using the brand-new integrated masking tools.

Sharpening: Amazing Detail Finder

This filter really is amazing at finding and sharpening just the details in a photo. It is great for image with a blurry background, since it will only sharpen what is already in-focus, and leave the rest of the blur untouched.sharpening-amazing-detail-finder

Sunshine: Radiance

The Sunshine filters in general are all fun to play with. They add a light, contrasty, and sometimes warm or glowing effect. My particular favorite is the Radiance filter, which adds a nice warm brightness and subtle contrast to my images.



Tone Enhancer: Auto Contrast

Auto Contrast is a good filter to start with, and can really make a photo go from “blah” to “beautiful”.tone-auto-contrast


Tone Enhancer: Tonal Contrast

Last, but definitely not least, is Tonal Contrast. This filter is a wonderful “finishing touches” effect that pulls out the details, adds a touch of sharpening, and intensifies the contrast.tone-tonal-contrast

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  1. Holly Etheridge January 2, 2015 at 10:45 am - Reply

    How can I get this set of your favorite filters?

  2. Donna February 27, 2015 at 7:58 pm - Reply

    Thanks Nicole, there are quite a few on your list here that I hadn’t yet discovered. With all the different filter effects, it can be hard to decide where to start. I’m working on a selection of photos for a group exhibition, and now I’m going to try the ones you mention that I’ve not yet experimented with. Fun!

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