Huge Sale for Photographers: Save over 95%!

Hurry! Deal lasts from Oct 15 at 9am PST through Oct 20 at 9am PST

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Huge Sale for Photographers: Save over 95%!

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Get $2,000 in Photography Tools for just $89!
Watch the video above to view some of the products included with the bundle.

Huge Sale for Photographers

Today and for the next five days, the folks over at 5DayDeal are providing an amazingly HUGE sale for photographers. They did it earlier this year with crazy results and a bunch of happy customers, and now they are at it again!

What is included?


This bundle is HUGE! You’ll get 300+ presets, 16 eBooks, over 500 texture files, 70+ hours of video, and so much more! Plus, there are discount coupons you can use for other products that are not already in the bundle. If you would like to see what will get, head over to the 5DayDeal website for more info.

Who is contributing?


There are some REALLY big names in the photography world who have contributed to this amazing bundle. Some of them worth mentioning are David duChemin, Zack Arias, Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler, and so many more (including me!). :)

How are we able to discount this bundle so much?

The way the 5DayDeal works is this: Photographers (like me) contribute photography products that we have created, and then it is packaged into a huge bundle. The sales for the bundle are affiliate-based, meaning if you click MY link on any of my sites then I will collect a large percentage of the sales of that purchase. It allows photographers to sell their products to a larger audience at a very good discount and make a good chunk of change along the way.

But wait, there’s more!

Another bonus of purchasing this bundle is that a portion of the proceeds go to charity! And there are discounts included in the bundle, too.

Hurry! This sale only lasts for 5 Days!

The sale starts today and ends on Monday, Oct 20 at 9 am. So get in quick before it’s over!



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