Yesterday I set up the FUJIFILM X-T1 for my first at-home food photographs. I have been carrying this camera around for the past few months and have used it many times to photograph my food at restaurants (mostly for my Yelp account), but this was the first time I used it in my typical at-home setup. Bottom-line, it performed very well! I also photographed the same setup with my Canon 5D Mark III, and you can see the two photos below for comparison.

I’ve been playing around with the notion of switching over to FUJIFILM, and at this point it’s really a matter of when it will happen (not “if”). In some ways it will be difficult to say goodbye to much of my Canon gear, although I expect to keep a few items around for good measure. When the time comes, I’ll be sure to write up a good post about the move to mirrorless, so stay tuned! Honestly, I can’t wait … after using the FUJIFILM for so long, picking up my Canon feels like a giant cinderblock! Traveling light and much more inconspicuous is going to be a HUGE breath of fresh air.