The end (of summer) is near … thank goodness!

This has been an interesting summer. Brian and I moved to Portland in April to escape the always-warm and zero-cloud skies of the South Bay in California, and so far we have only had blue skies and heat here in Portland! Oh, the irony. Anyone who knows me understands how much I despise hot, cloudless weather. Give me a chilly and overcast day and I am one happy camper! The good part is that it will change in time; I’m really looking forward to overcast skies and cool weather to complement the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Cloudy skies are perfect for waterfalls … gotta love that diffused light! It’s not too bad for my food photography, either.

Latourell Falls

Can’t you just feel the mist from the waterfall when looking at this photo? The water coming off of these waterfalls is really, really cold, and it makes me chilly just thinking about it. The harsh sun is no good for photographing waterfalls, since you need a good overcast day to spread the light evenly across the falls. I’ve been hiding indoors to escape the heat and brutal sun we’ve been getting, and I’m very anxious to get back outside with the camera. It’s tough to be inspired to photograph anything when all I see is an empty, boring sky. Hopefully the clouds will migrate this way soon.

This image was photographed at Latourell Falls along the Columbia River Gorge this past May. It’s a very accessible and impressive waterfall, and I would recommend it to anyone who happens to find their way to the Portland area.