A before (top image) and after (bottom image) of a food photograph processed using onOne Software’s Perfect Effects 8.

Just the other day, someone on Twitter asked me if I use onOne Software for my food photography. My answer was that yes, I do! The great thing about onOne Software’s products is that they are fully customizable, and can be used for any type of photograph (including food). With Perfect Effects, you can layer your filters and adjustments on top of each other, blend them, use masking, reduce their opacity, etc. It’s very similar to the functionality of Photoshop, but at a fraction of the price.

Some of my favorite adjustments and filters to use for food in Perfect Effects 8 are similar to what I would use in Photoshop:

  • A “color pop” layer (blur filter, change blending mode to “Soft Light”, and then reduce the opacity to around 30%)
  • Green color enhancer (makes the greens really stand out!). I usually reduce the opacity of this layer after applying.
  • Color correction
  • Basic tonal adjustments
  • Vignette
  • And more :)

For a very limited time, onOne Software’s Perfect Effects 8 is FREE! You can click here to download it. Get it fast, before it’s too late! And, once you have it downloaded, click on the button below to download a free preset (the same settings you see in the example photo above).


Click on the button above to download a free preset for onOne Software, courtesy of the Nicolesy Store!

Be sure to check out my newest eBook & tutorials set, Light & Process: onOne Software, which is packed full of information on how you can use this software to enhance your photographs.