I wanted to share a quick peek at some of my newest pieces, fresh out of the kiln. I picked these up today, many of which I consider to be in my “experimental” category. I switched to mid-fire clay, which also means I have new glazes and colors to work with, and this batch is kind of my way of testing out some of the new colors on pieces that I’m okay with experimenting on. Overall, I’m letting a lot of what I do it take a life of its own, so I would definitely not quite yet consider these to be representative of my work (yet). But I’m getting there.

I still have a few more batches I’m waiting on, but I’m at the mercy of the clay store who fires my stuff for me. I may not have enough time to get them glaze-fired before I move to Portland, but it shouldn’t be too long before I get a kiln of my very own so I won’t have to wait on anyone but myself at that point. I’ll also have a lot more control over things, such as doing glaze tests and working the temperatures and “hold times” on the kiln to get the colors just right. I really love the blue tones of some of the pieces I have, but there are obviously some losers in the bunch, too. I’m sure I’ll have a nice big “shelf of shame” for the dishes that didn’t quite turn out as expected … although, I still expect those to have their own very unique personality.

For those of you who are wondering why I’m posting about pottery, the reason I started doing all of this was because of my photography! As a food photographer, I’m always on the lookout for unique dish-ware. I got to a point where I said to myself “… why not just make my own?”. And so I’ve been on a ceramic-learning-adventure for the past three years, absorbing knowledge and experimenting with different methods. For now, I’m settling on hand-building, which allows me to make much more “organic” looking pieces with texture and beautiful imperfections.