I wouldn’t call myself “crafty”, but I definitely do enjoy making stuff. Knitting has been a part of my life for a while now, and I have even developed a serious affinity towards ceramics as well. (I’ll share more on my ceramic work soon, and after I move into our new house in Portland I’ll keep you all updated on the progress of converting our garage into a ceramics studio, too!)

This scarf is one I have been working on since the beginning of my trip to Thailand in February, and I finally just put the final stitches into it tonight! I’ve fallen in love with the pattern, and made a few adjustments to the original (which you can find here on my Ravelry profile). If any of you are knitters and are interested in the basic entrelac pattern I used for this scarf, you can find it HERE on VeryPink.com’s website. She also has a very helpful video tutorial for first-time “enterlac-ers”.

BTW, I used the iPhone app Oggl to edit the photo above … I have been processing most of my mobile photos with it before posting them to Instagram. I like that it’s basically the Hipstamatic app, but I can choose my lens and film combos after I take the photo, instead of being locked-in with them before-hand. :)


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